Tubing Season Pass Only: $98
(for Ski Pass Holders only $40 !)

Daily Rates
2 Hours of Tubing for $17
4 Hours of Tubing for $23

Sat and Sunday 10am - 6pm
 Holiday Hours  10am - 5pm

  • tubing tickets cannot be purchased online. Please go to the tubing area for purchase.
  •  tubing usually starts after December 25th, but will depend upon weather conditions.

Want to host a great party?

The Tubing Park is just the ticket!
option 1:  Come reserve your spots for you and your party guests and celebrate a life event! Willard is not only a great family mountain it also make the perfect background for your next get together no matter how big or small.

option 2: Rent out the whole tubing park for your group and you'll have the tubing lodge all to yourself!  We can make the arrangements for your food and beverages and maybe even have a bonfire to cap off the night!

Daytime Tubing Parties
*By reservation ONLY 
-->on the weekends and during holiday weeks.
-->Parties for 10 or more people are
 $13.00/person for 2 hours of tubing. 
-->Hot delicious pizza available for
 $18.00/12 cut & $28.00/24 cut

Evening Tubing Parties
*By reservation ONLY.
-->available almost any time during the season
-->cost:  $1200 (+ food and beverages) for up to 175 people for 3 hours of private tubing
-->Lounge Food Specials or Buffet Style Dinner available

*A 50% deposit required at time of booking for all tubing parties.

Call Willard at 518-692-7337 to plan your next amazing tubing event with us or send us a message!

WARNING: Snowtubing, including the use of lifts/tows is a dangerous sport with inherit and other risks. These risks include and are not limited to:
  • variations in the steepness and configuration of the chutes and runout area, variations in the surface;
  • fences and/or barriers at or along portions of the area, the absence of such fences and/or barriers and the inability of fences and/or barriers to prevent or reduce injury;
  • changes in the speed at which snowtubes travel depending on surface conditions, the weight of snowtubes and the inter-linking of snowtubes together to go down the snowtube runs;
  • the chance that a patron can falls out, be thrown out or otherwise leave the snowtube
  • the chance that a snowtube can go from one run into another run, regardless of whether or not there is a barrier between runs, and a chance that a snowtube can go up and over the runout hill
  • collisions in the runout area and other locations of the snowtubing facility, with such collisions happening between snowtubes, between snowtube and other patron, between a snowtube and a snowtubing facility attendant, between snowtubing patrons who may not be in or on a snowtube at the time of the collision and other sorts of collisions.
  • collisions with fixed objects, obstacles or structure located with or outside the snowtubing facility.
The purchaser or user of a snowtubing ticket voluntarily assumes the risk of injury while participating in this sport. If you do not agree to assume the risk, return the unused ticket with the backing intact for a full refund.
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