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kids ages 3-13
  A big THANK YOU to everyone that bought their early seasons pass for next winter.  Lets Hope for a snowy winter ahead but maybe just a touch warmer than last season.

Lots of projects are underway as we continue to get ready for the upcoming winter.

The next season pass deadline will be at our fallfest on October 18th.  Look for forms on our forms tab above or simply click the link below to go directly to our season pass form to view pricing for the upcoming season where you will find that our season pass pricing is the same as last year.

From all of us here at Willard, have a great summer and we hope to see you soon.

Click here to download and print a season pass application.      

Thank you to ALL our Willard customers for making Willard "New York's Coolest Little Ski Area"!


Please call the office at 518-692-7337 if you have any questions, need to sign up for a program, make a private lesson reservation, or need help with forms.
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